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Research Program

After spending 3 hours looking at 13 internet sources to put together one paragraph on the jada naga’s mythology, I said, “Enough.” How is any community member supposed to delve further into a topic efficiently? My answer was to hand pick research myself and to draw on the scholarly experience of our authors. All of us have either read or published books.

There will be no automated program that will store your information in an atomic-bomb-blast database, analyze it by algorithm, chop it up, sell it, or do stealth marketing. I can express how I feel about what the internet has become in a three-volume novel, or I can just write BarbaraAnne Rant #6928.

The blog is now an Associate.

I chose to do this because Amazon draws inventory from a vast number of book sellers. No matter what people say about the net, academic authors who are passionate about their specialty, do the best research. They publish books. Amazon has the largest selection of books on abstruse topics such as the courtly culture of Medieval India, and the best selection of books on innovators like Rene Lalique (I had to mention Rene Lalique, didn’t I :-). They also have rare books. Copyrighted material from these sources will never appear in Internet research.

Therefore, at the end of each post, I will have a delimiter, which will be the word “comb” in Hindi. Underneath, it will say, “For more scholarly research, please examine…” This will be followed by a link to a book I and/or the other authors feel will give readers the best information to enter the worlds that created the combs we love.

This is a human choice. No best sellers here. I’m looking for the pink diamonds in the Argyle mines. :-)

I hope everyone finds the service useful.


6 Responses to "Research Program"

Hi Barbara
Just looked at this site and I’m wondering whether you could include my book, ‘The Comb’, in your list of relevant book titles – I would be so grateful if you were willing to do this. You gave my book a super write up originally!
Hope things are going well for you. best wishes jen Cruse

of course!!!!!!!!!! I’ll email you privately. :-)

Hello BarbaraAnne,

I stumbled across your site earlier this year during the first phase of gathering material for my research and combs in Edo-era Japan. Now that the research is done and we have posted the article on our website, I thought that I might contact you with the link ( so that you might have some additional information/data on the history and development of combs in Japan.

I hope that this will be a useful and informative reference source for you and your readers…

If you have any questions on the information, research, or sources used, please feel free to contact me at any time!

The article is fabulous. I will do a post on it to give it more publicity, and I will show it to our Japanese-collector author. Thank you so much for writing in! Best…

Glad to hear that you liked the article and thank you for passing it along! While it is a bit outside of the scope of your blog, we will also be doing a piece on traditional Japanese hairstyles in the near future… Thanks again and have a great day!

If you need any help from our author-scholars for your article, you are welcome to let me know. We’d be glad to help you out. :-)

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