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Rene Lalique at the Musée Calouste Gulbenkian

Posted on: June 6, 2011

Calouste Gulbenkian was the oil entrepreneur who opened up commerce from the Middle East to the West. He also had a 50-year friendship with Rene Lalique and obtained pieces directly from the artist. His art collection numbered over 6000 pieces, to which a museum in his name was built in Lisbon.

This comb depicts leaves in horn, from which emerge pink enameled flowers with black stamens.


2 Responses to "Rene Lalique at the Musée Calouste Gulbenkian"

OMG I was there!!! I was in Lisbon in July and I just happened to stumble upon this gorgeous collection. The concentration of exquisite art per square meter was overwhelming:) I took tons of pictures and every time I’m searching for some inspiration I turn to them:)) Thank you for mentioning this. I am a HUGE hair comb fan and a Lalique fan, so I feel very blessed I could see these extraordinary masterpieces.

That is wonderful! Welcome to our hair comb blog community. I’m so glad you had such a good time. :-)

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